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Executive functioning

Executive functioning


Disorganized? Scattered? Sound familiar? We partner with your child to develop strategies so they can stay focused.

Thinking deep thoughts and getting them down on paper are two very different things. Those long-term school projects are KILLER. But also - where are my shoes and where is my homework?! Did I forget to have my permission slip signed? (nevermind the turning it in part - that's not gonna happen). And oops - did I just say that thought I had out loud? By the way, I wanted that marker I saw on the table so I just grabbed it. 

Managing time, paying attention, switching focus. Planning ahead, remembering details, multitasking. Avoiding saying or doing the wrong thing! These all require executive functioning - a set of skills that help you get things done. These skills can take quite a bit of time to develop. Some kids struggle more than others with developing them. We work alongside you and your child to create tools and devise strategies to help them succeed in school, at home, and in the world.