What can I expect?

An evaluation is the first step in determining whether your child would benefit from occupational therapy. A full evaluation consists of standardized assessment, structured and unstructured clinical observations, caregiver and teacher questionnaires and interviews, and records review. The evaluation typically takes place in the occupational therapy clinic setting. Clinical observations may be obtained in the home, school, and/or community environments. A full evaluation concludes with a written report and parent meeting to discuss the results and answer any questions you may have. If occupational therapy is recommended, we will also discuss the plan of treatment and your family's goals. Individual therapy sessions are playful and fun, providing opportunities for the "just-right" challenge. Each session allows for 50 minutes of direct treatment.


What can my child expect?

In order to prepare children for an evaluation, we suggest you let them know that we will first be doing some activities while sitting at a table (like cutting, drawing, and playing with blocks and puzzles), then we will do some things that get our bodies moving (like catching, throwing, climbing,  jumping and swinging). Afterwards we will have some time to play in the yard or gym. You might want to show them some of the pictures here so they have an idea of what our space looks like. Be sure to let them know that some of the things we do may be a little hard, but that's ok because they may be meant for "bigger" kids. 

If ongoing therapy is recommended, you may tell your child that the purpose is to help make some things easier for them, get them ready for school, or make writing easier - whatever applies. Be sure to tell them that it will usually be fun, but sometimes things may be tricky and that's ok. We always want children to let us know when something is too hard or if they need help, because that's our job - to help with the hard stuff.


Do you accept insurance?

Currently we are not a contracted provider with any insurance company. We provide a super bill that you can submit to your insurance provider if you choose to do so; your insurance company will reimburse you according to your plan's coverage. As a service to families, upon request we can provide a copy of documentation in your child's file to the insurance company. Ultimately, however, you are the responsible party for communicating with your insurance company and ensuring that they receive the information requested so you can get reimbursed directly according to your plan's coverage. Please contact us for helpful insurance tips.