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Who we are.

We are a team of passionate, dedicated and experienced therapists. We approach children with respect and understanding while encouraging them to stretch outside of their comfort zones in a natural, safe and supportive environment.

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Where we are.


1523 Wellesley Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90025

(424) 229-2570


What we do.

Evaluation and consultation

You want more information about your child. You want ALL the information about your child. Either way, from start to finish we help you better understand your child.

Private therapy sessions

We don't do a one size-fits-all approach. We look at your individual child. We help your child achieve the goals that are important to you both. 

Autism Spectrum Disorders

Relationship is everything. Connecting with your child is what we do best. 

Developmental progress

Do you worry that your baby or toddler's development is on track? From birth throughout childhood, let us help put your mind at ease.

Executive functioning

Disorganized? Scattered? Sound familiar? We partner with your child to develop strategies so they can stay focused.

Feeding challenges

Picky eater? Or is it more complicated? We can help whether the issue is simple or complex.

Gifted and twice exceptional

Gifted kids can be quirky! They need deep understanding and a sensitive approach to support them in their asynchronous development. We do that.

Gross motor skills and coordination

Does it seem like your child is always a step behind? Clumsy kids are us! We develop skills while instilling confidence as an added bonus.

Parent groups and support

Our parent groups are THE BEST! No, really - they are. We also provide individual parenting support to help you with those those not-so-great moments.

Handwriting and fine motor skills

Does your child hate writing? Does it seem like they were never actually taught how to write? Maybe they seem to get exhausted by the very idea of it? Not only can we help with handwriting, we can help with those other daily fine-motor chores like tying shoes, getting dressed and zipping up backpacks!

Sensory Processing Disorders

Is it impossible to get out of the house because your child will. not. get. dressed. because the only pair of underwear that feel right are in the wash? Do you dread going to restaurants because your child cannot. stand. the. smells? Yes, we can help with that.

Social skills support

We can help demystify the social scene for your child! We incorporate Social Thinking® concepts into everything we do here.



Contact us.

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