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Our story

Our story.


To thrive in this beautiful world we live in. That is our goal for children and families. It’s for this reason that our treatment area features a fully-integrated indoor/outdoor real world feedback approach.

Many of us have seen traditional occupational therapy clinic settings. They’re commonly in converted warehouses, office buildings, storefronts, with every surface covered with mats. Often crowded, and usually decorated in bright primary colors. They have gigantic metal swing structures, fluorescent overhead lighting, and often no windows. Parents sit in on their child's therapy session in this overly controlled atmosphere and wonder how this environment applies to their life at home and out in the world. This type of clinical setting is the standard in pediatric occupational therapy. The equipment is supposed to represent outdoor play and interaction with nature. But when we conceptualized the treatment setting at Bloom, we thought differently. We took a close look at what our treatment goals were, and asked, “Why do a re-creation of nature and the outdoors when you can have the real thing!” This was the birth of our unique space. And the results have been amazing. There’s just something about the touch of real soil, the branches of a real tree, and the fresh breeze on your face that really takes treatment to the next level.

Founded in 2004, Bloom Pediatrics opened its doors at its present space in 2012. Our location is a real home, with a warm, inviting, and comfortable environment. For kids, it doesn’t feel like a clinic at all, instead it’s like they’re coming over for a playdate. Parents enjoy our setting as well, as they’re able to observe, catch up on work, or even just relax in our backyard. We pride ourselves on the highest level of professionalism, as our treatment is very real, often challenging, and extremely effective, but that doesn’t mean we all can’t enjoy ourselves. We’ve found that the best results come from an atmosphere of natural challenges combined with full support and encouragement for kids and families.