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our specialties.

feeding challenges

feeding challenges


Picky eater? Or is it more complicated? We can help whether the issue is simple or complex.

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There isn't a lot of support out there in transitioning your baby to solids, and it can be hard to know whether things are going as they are supposed to. Perhaps you're wondering why your toddler isn't eating a wider variety of foods and has a limited palate. Or it may take FOR-EV-ER for your kid to finish a meal and it seems like they barely ever eat a substantial amount. Some children have medical issues that can make eating painful or nearly impossible, which adds yet another layer to an already complicated subject.

Whether sensory-based, motor-based, medically-based, or a combination of these, feeding challenges can be a frustrating experience and are tough to tackle on your own. We are here to support you along the way, no matter what the cause.