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our services.


Our services.

evaluation and consultation

evaluation and consultation


You want more information about your child. You want ALL the information about your child. Either way, from start to finish, we help you better understand your child through our unique lens.


Do you have a few questions or concerns about your child and can't quite figure it out on your own? A consultation may be right for you. We can meet and offer some insight. We will discuss your concerns, offer our impressions, and help you determine if further assessment is needed.  

Do you have bigger questions or concerns about your child? Does your child's school, pediatrician, or psychologist think an assessment would be helpful in getting some answers? An evaluation is probably a good step to take. Our evaluations include parent interview, direct time spent with your child, administration, scoring and interpretation of asessments, and a written report or score summary. We follow-up with a parent meeting to discuss your questions about the results and to establish goals and a plan for moving forward, if recommended.

Not sure if you need a consultation or an evaluation? Not sure what the difference is? Call us. We are happy to discuss your concerns to help you figure out which path makes the most sense for you and your child.