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Vestibular processing, in real life.

Feel a Little Sick After Lots of Computer Work? This Is Why, According to Science

"Through the day, your body gets all kinds of sensory input that helps your brain figure out where you are in space. When motion sickness occurs, the visual message from your eyes is that movement is happening. Your inner ear and other receptors in your body, however, don't really get any other feedback that this movement is taking place. Your central nervous system gets conflicting messages as a result, kicking in a physical stress response from your brain not knowing what to really believe."

This is what some of the kids we work with feel like all the time, because their vestibular systems are not processing the visual and movement sensations in a coordinated manner. Some kids get this feeling from copying work from the white board to their notebooks while at school, others feel it when they are traveling a long and windy road (hello, Mulholland and Sunset!), and some feel it when they are simply reading a book. There are accommodations we can make to help them, such as offering copies of class notes or homework assignments to reduce the amount of copying they have to do. We may also refer to our favorite developmental optometrists for additional support more specific to vision. And of course, occupational therapy can help with strengthening and improving the neurological pathways to create more efficient sensory processing and accurate perception.